Wrenbury Village Hall Trust

Wrenbury Village Hall Trust

The Trust was established in 2004 to gain a lease from the Church of England to operate St Margaret's Hall as Wrenbury Village Hall.

A 99 year Lease was finalised in 2007.

The Trust is a Registered Charity 1106487 and a Limited Company 5224799 having no share capital and limited by guarantee.


What We Do

Wrenbury Village Hall Trust is a non-profitmaking organisation.  It currently consists of 7 trustees, who hold regular monthly committee meetings and work behind the scenes to promote and maintain Wrenbury Village Hall.  The aims of the Trust are to provide a village hall as a meeting place for the residents of the Parish of Wrenbury and surrounding areas.  We aim to make the Hall a safe, warm and welcoming place as a venue for social clubs, classes, meetings of larger organisations, events organised by private individuals, and a wide range of cultural and social events.  We work to provide our visitors with affordable and attractive facilities for meetings, lectures and classes, recreation and other leisure-time occupations and cultural activities.  All of our Trustees work on an unpaid, voluntary basis.
The Trust charges reasonable rates for hiring the Hall.  All letting fees go towards maintaining the Hall and expanding the facilities and services that we can offer to the wider community.
For example, during the past year we have been working on the complete refurbishment of both the Small (18th century) and Large (post-war) Halls.  Thanks to grants from both WREN and Cheshire Community Foundation, in addition to income raised from letting fees and private donations, we have been able to replace our ‘tired’ kitchen, install a chemical damp-proof course, and re-roof and insulate both Halls, to provide extra warmth and save on fuel bills, as well as repointing the exterior walls and installing a ramp to the main entrance porch, to allow equal access for all our visitors.  The most recent phases of the project have been the refurbishment of the woodblock floors in both halls (completed January 2016); the final stage of the refurbishment works - damp-proofing and redecorating interior walls and woodwork  - has also just been completed, thanks to another generous grant from Cheshire East Community Action.  The end of the refurbishment projects will be celebrated by holding an Open Day with exhibitions, demonstrations and refreshments, (date to be arranged) to which we will invite our sponsors and the wider public, with the aim of showcasing the newly-refurbished Hall and showing what it can offer to the local community.

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